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Chelsea Fitness Lab - part of the Williams & Rice team

How It Works
Clients will train with down-to-earth sports scientist and health and fitness coach Chris Garinet - who will create a highly tailored personal training plan and schedule that offers maximum results with minimum downtime. Our bijou gym is small and secluded but packs a punch.

What we do
Chris’s ’80/20’ approach to training means short but hyper-efficient workouts that are tailored to each client’s ability. Chris assesses health and injuries from head to toe before deciding on a plan that will see maximum results in a 30 minute workout. This can be weight loss or gains. He will help you create and sculpt the body you want to see in the mirror. Full support through diet plans and additional exercises to do outside of the sessions will be provided. And the first session is free. Just ask at reception.

The fitness world is swamped with contradictions so it's difficult to know what to believe. Through a lot of practical experience plus theory learned on a Masters in Sports Science the aim is to give clients confidence that what they're doing is taking them towards their goals. Training wont be boring because clients will be so motivated by positive, lasting results.

Through online software we are in constant contact with our clients to help them on their fitness journey. We carry out in-depth strength and movement assessments as well as regularly checking data from weight check-ins and photos that show progress over time. We love to introduce enough novelty in training to keep it engaging and interesting.

As an example... For women looking to tone their lower body > A movement assessment establishes they have tight ankles (often a case if wearing heels etc/ or from past injuries) -> This prevents a full range of motion in the lower body -> This prevents them from fully activating muscles in the lower body > This gets in the way of achieving that elusive goal of toning the lower body.

Solution: a tailored program that focus on addressing the common issue of tight ankles in order to get the most from training. A daily routine, contact and support provided through online software outside of their sessions in the gym with a trainer to get quick results.

Product Features

  • - Movement Assessment (critical for a truly bespoke plan)
  • - Strength Assessment
  • - Technique critique with pointers specific to you.
  • - Programming for all exercise that needs to be done outside of our sessions
  • - Block periodised strength plan for key lifts
  • - Accessories organised circuit style for extra conditioning work.
  • - Full diet plan or adapted to fit your lifestyle.
  • - Regular checkins through body fat testing and update photos
  • - Own Personal Space

Suggested Benefits to Clients

  • - Find out where your mobility restrictions are
  • - Overactive/Underactive muscles where you're strongest and what's holding you back.
  • - Build a great habit of exercising with the knowledge that exercices are being executed well for your body.
  • - Easier to keep in mind the long term goals and provide motivation for continued progression.
  • - Build up weak points and improve cardiovascular health at the same time.
  • - Confident that you can go out and enjoy yourself while leading a healthier lifestyle
  • - Progress managed by close monitoring. Visual changes to provide motivation
  • - No distractions, free to work on what's most important to you.

To find out more and to make an appointment to discuss your wellness / fitness needs please call the salon and ask for Chris.

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